The Manager

Visual Appearance

"Picture of The Manager."

Main Appearances

The Manager in the video game a game. as well as in specific artworks which can be found here.



Name: Unmentioned

Surname: Unmentioned

Nickname: Unmentioned

AKA: The Manager

Gender: Male

Age: 44 years old, Adult

Height: ~2.14 Metres

Weight: ~62 Kilos

Species: Human

Hobbies/Habits: Manager

Residence: Unmentioned

Short Description

He is one of the workers able to enlighten and support people in a calm and seemingly friendly way, inside a metal jail of madness.

By no means, however, does that mean he is aware of the situation he is trapped in. Under any circumstances, he will listen to his great leader, even if the command puts him at risk.


Little Bunny (Friend)

William (Former Co-worker)

The Janitor (Former Co-worker)

Keycard Guardian (Co-worker)

Secretary (Former Co-worker)

Screen (Boss)