Twisted Husky

Visual Appearance

"Picture of Tanja trying to stand on two legs."

Main Appearances

Twisted Husky has appeared in the video game a game. as well as in specific artworks which can be found here.



Name: Tanja

Surname: Unmentioned

Nickname: Unmentioned

AKA: Þórbjǫrg/Torborg

Gender: Female

Age: 452 years old, Adult

Height: ~3.52 Metres

Weight: ~200 Kilos

Species: Twisted Siberian Husky

Hobbies/Habits: Mother, Leader

Residence: Bluetah's Forest

Short Description

The forest’s biggest turmoil: a mother of many arms and muscles, all connected as one. The two-brained creature with a husky’s skin and the voice of a bird.

Her need of a nest makes her an ambitious fighter. However, that does not stop her from having a weak spot to nature.


Little Bunny (Friend)