Visual Appearance

"Picture of Aiko."


Name: Aiko

Surname: Unmentioned

Nickname: Unmentioned

AKA: Unmentioned

Gender: Female

Age: Unmentioned

Height: ~1.82 Metres

Weight: 0 Kilos

Species: Unknown Video Game Entity

Occupation: Player

Hobbies/Habits: Exploring maps, playing with ragdolls, experimenting and generally messing around.

Residence: Garry's Mod, gm_construct (Video Game)

Creation Year: 2021

Project(s): Unmentioned

Short Description

A peculiar ghostly being living inside a sandbox video game called Garry's Mod. She has a dour personality, yet is active enough to explore and play around.

She spends most of her time in gm_construct. However she has also appeared gm_flatgrass and in the infamous community map gm_bigcity. No past history of joining active servers has been found.