Visual Appearance

"Picture depicting Ecricos."

Main Appearances

Ecricos has appeared in specific artworks which can be found here.



Name(s): Ecricos

Gender(s): Male

Age(s): Unmentioned

Height: ~1.80 Metres

Weight: Unmentioned

Species: Unmentioned

Hobbies/Habits: Unmentioned

Residence: Unmentioned

Population: 1 (Unique)

Multiplication Method: None

Lifespan: ∞ (Immortal)

Short Description

Ecricos is an unique mirage well known for his white meaty body and natural head marks. He ommits a soft but somewhat irritating buzzing sound whenever he is viewed by another entity or moves aimlessly. His inability to interact and communicate makes him a tranquil and endearing visual phantom. Nevertheless, he is usually feared for his ill-favoured appearance.