The Blue Children

Visual Appearance

"Picture depicting three female Blue Children."


Name(s): The Blue Children (青い子供たち), The Blue Girls (青い女の子, Outdated)

Gender(s): Male (Rare), Female

Age(s): Unmentioned (Appear as children)

Height: ~1.20-1.30 Metres

Weight: Unmentioned

Species: Ectoplasms (Refered as Ghosts and Spirits as well)

Hobbies/Habits: Unmentioned

Residence: Southern Japan

Population: Unmentioned

Multiplication Method: Unmentioned (Unbreedable)

Lifespan: ∞ (Immortal)

Creation Year: 2020

Project(s): Unmentioned

Short Description

The Blue Children are a shaped ectoplasmic species with a semi-human form. Despite their unusual appearance, they are harmless and serene.