The Red Hyenas

Visual Appearance

"Picture depicting one Red Hyena in their natural habitat."

Main Appearances

The Red Hyenas have appeared in specific artworks which can be found here.



Name(s): The Red Hyenas

Gender(s): Agender (Appear as males and/or females)

Age(s): Unmentioned (Appear as adults)

Height: ~2.40-3 Metres

Weight: Unmentioned

Species: Celestial Lust Entity

Hobbies/Habits: Unmentioned

Residence: Unmentioned


Multiplication Method: Mortal Birth/Death → Spawn (Unbreedable)

Lifespan: ∞ (Immortal, however it can be erased by another immortal.)

Short Description

The Red Hyenas is an extremely rare type of celestial being which is yet to be traced. Their appearance may seem threatening, however it is a camouflage used to spy/battle adversaries and frighten any being under an adversary's power.