The Red Hyenas

Visual Appearance

"Picture depicting one Red Hyena in their natural habitat."


Name(s): The Red Hyenas

Gender(s): Agender (Appear as males and/or females)

Age(s): Unmentioned (Appear as adults)

Height: ~2.40-3 Metres

Weight: Unmentioned

Species: Celestial Lust Entity

Hobbies/Habits: Unmentioned

Residence: Unmentioned


Multiplication Method: Mortal Birth/Death → Spawn (Unbreedable)

Lifespan: ∞ (Immortal, however it can be erased by another immortal.)

Creation Year: 2021

Project(s): Unmentioned

Short Description

The Red Hyenas is an extremely rare type of celestial being which is yet to be traced. Their appearance may seem threatening, however it is a camouflage used to spy/battle adversaries and frighten any being under an adversary's power.