a game.


A simple RPG video game.


Price: Free

Genre: RPG, Puzzle

Ages: +13

Warnings: Blood, Gore, Violence, Brief Nudity

Gameplay Time: ~3h

Parts: 5 Acts, 4 Endings

State: Complete

Version: 1.1.1

Birthday: 31/8/2020

Language(s): English, Greek (Private)

Created in: RPG Maker VX Ace

DLC(s): a game. - Original Soundtrack DLC. (Free)

Tags: #adventure #rpg #retro #fantasy #indie #other #rpgmakervxace #rpgmaker

Link(s): Gamejolt Page


Little Bunny
King of Death
Twisted Husky
The Janitor
Keycard Guardian
The Manager
Mirror Bunny

Short Description

A little bunny left his home to seek for justice and save the world. However he won’t be able to do it alone, so you are going to help him with his adventures and later be judged with a grand prize.

Author's Comments

My first public game: It sucks but whatever... The graphics are a mess, the battle system is not balanced at all, the game design is too basic and the music failed successfully. Either way, it's a nice thing to look back to when I started this project and how it helped me to progress. I am happy that some people enjoyed this or will enjoy it in the future.
-TNM, 9/7/2021


These are the first video footages of the game (version 1.0.0) recorded by Jayonicblaze (thanks man). You can watch these as walkthroughs as well.

Note: There was another person named ASTRO99 who had early footage of the game, however it appears like the channel was deleted unfortunately. Astro, in case you are reading this, thank you too!


Character Height Chart.