Blue Rain



A short psychological comic about a strange phenomenon.


Price: Free

Genre: Physchological

Ages: +13

Pages: 20 (0-19)

Warnings: Blood, Disturbing Imagery

State: Complete

Birthday: 3/7/2021

Language(s): English

Created Using: Photoshop

Extra(s): Blue Rain OST

Tags: #comic #comics #digitalart #digitalartwork #digitalcomic #comiccomics #physchological

Link(s): Deviantart Page



Short Description

In a small area, a strange phenomenon takes place: The rain is blue. Normally, the raindrops have no colour. They are naturally transparent. But unexpectedly, nobody seems to care. Nobody but Cassidy who is eager to take advantage of the unusual occurence.

Author's Comments

9/7/2021: The storyline has a lot of missing pieces and a full understanding of what happened cannot be easily sculpted. However, I am proud of my background work, the colours and the mood being displayed.

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