Scout Goes To Work (SFM)



A Source Filmmaker animation series about Scout who, regardless of being sick, must to go to work.


Genre: SFM and TF2 Animation Series

Ages: +13

Warnings: Disturbing material, Blood, Gore, Violence, Horror and Psycological elements

Parts: 8 Episodes

State: In Development

Birthday: 9/2/2022 (First Episode Release)

Language(s): English

Created Using: Source Filmmaker

Extra(s): Unmentioned

Tags: #sfm #tf2 #animation #horror #physchological

Link(s): YouTube Playlist (All Episodes)

Note: This project is based on Team Fortress 2's and Source Filmmaker's default models, maps, soundtrack and voicelines created by Valve. I am only responsible for the plot, animation and directing. Any additional items (eg: models from the Steam Workshop and/or TTS) are credited on each video separately.

Author's Comments

7/1/2022: This is not ment to be an ARG, but a random SFM series open to public interpretation and theories. I am only making this project to get better at animation.

Episode List

The complete collection of all the available episodes, listed in the correct order from top to bottom. Since the series is still under development, numerous episodes may be missing.


Scout: Another one of those random scouts at Dust Bowl.
The dust and his constant running probably caused his brief illness.

Wall Heavy: A very rare kind of the Heavy Family and Scout's best friend.
He is always happy to help.

Funky Demo: A demoman who always has fun.
Join him and you shall be given scrumpy for free! He's a good lad.

(???): ...
...Was that even in the series?