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What do the wolves mean?

While browsing through this site, you may notice that the icon changes colours. Each colour helps you undentify how deep you are located in the website's files.

Grey Wolf () - At or near the index.

Red Wolf () - At the main pages.

Blue Wolf () - At the secondary pages.

Green Wolf () - At the sub pages.


Ages: +13

Warnings: Disturbing material, Blood, Gore, Violence

State: In an endless loop of development. There will always be various updates.

Birthday: 8-12/8/2021

Language(s): English

Programming Languages: HTML, CSS and a little bit of JavaScript.

Created Using: Atom

Host & URL: Neocities

Link(s): (You are located in this website.)


2/8/2021: My initial idea was to create a little storage in which I would keep information about my stories, so that people could read about them anytime they wished. However, I ended up making a website about me and my projects, which is perfect for an archive system.


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