Q: How/Where/When can I use your work?

A: Generally you are not allowed to steal/copy/edit/trace/sell/re-upload/re-post any of my work without the proper permission.


The usage of any artwork as an icon or banner for an account is acceptable without permission, but by crediting me.

The usage of any artwork for your desktop's background or phone's lock/home screen, etc... is acceptable without permission nor credit.

The usage of my music is not allowed. However, you can make remixes, remakes, remastered versions, etc... of my composisions by giving credit. Music which appears in videos featuring my games will not do any harm.

You are allowed to record playthroughs of my video games and upload/post/stream them anywhere.

You are allowed to review/react to my projects publicly. Nonetheless, in such cases I would be grateful if permission was seeked before any use/display of my work.

Q: Can I make fan art for your projects?

A: Sure thing! I would love to see what you will create! But make sure to credit me for the initial ideas. Note that making extremely explicit content of my projects or using them racistically/illegally is rigorously prohibited and I will not take responsibility for such actions.

Q: Can I use your projects in order to gain profit?

A: No, you cannot.

Q: Can I use your website's code/any of your code?

A: You are not allowed to create any project using my code/scripts. You can look around for inspiration though!

For more confirmation, please ask.